Custom Magazines

We will create and publish your college's magazine to build community support, raise awareness about your college and provide industry partners with a platform to advertise their employment opportunities to your students.

Career Exploration Centers

Career Exploration Centers display interactive Programs of Study Cards that connect you with more prospective students and raises awareness about your opportunities.

Fox Mail Recruiting

Increase your direct mail conversion rate by 40%+ when you combine digital and direct mail marketing. Fox Mail allows you to advertise to your mailing list's social media pages before receiving your letter!

Texting Platform

Our interactive texting platform connects your college with prospective and current students. You can push promotions, schedule recruiting visits, send alerts and much more!

Digital Recruiting

Stay top of mind and generate more students by following visitors to your website with display ads for your school on their social media and Internet pages. This patent-pending technology also allows you to learn the mailing address, name and phone of site visitors.