Career Exploration Cards

Give Counselors the Tools to Showcase Your Programs and Guide Students to Your College

Printed publications are 94% effective recruiting all student populations.*

Reach Students early

When you place Career Exploration Centers at K-12 feeder schools, you'll recruit more students because you're reaching them early in their decision-making process.

Gen z students respond to value

Show Gen Z students the value of a career pathway that leads through your institution.

give adult students career options

Place these centers in workforce development offices and One Stop centers to reach non-traditional students for training and re-entering the workforce.

Recruit students without recruiters

Career Exploration Centers act as your onsite arsenal of recruiters which connects and engages with the most influential people in a student’s life-- their parents and guidance counselors.

we maintain your centers

Our Monthly Management Program makes your job easier and more effective saving you time, money and staff. No need to allocate resources to install or maintain your Centers. We'll put them in place and check monthly ensuring supplies remain stocked.

24 program cards, free-standing display, texting platform, center setup and annual maintenance.

Only $58 Per Center Per Month

Other quantities and pricing options are available.

* RFL 2018 Marketing and Student Recruitment Report

Easy Steps to Get Started

Step 1

We'll help you decide which programs to feature in your career centers and how many centers to place at your area high schools.

Step 2

We'll research, write, design and send you the proofs for approval.

Step 3

We'll print, ship, install and maintain your centers monthly.