Fox Mail + Digital Recruiting

Attract More Students by Combining Digital and Direct Mail

Reach Students on their social media pages before they receive your mail

With this patent-pending technology, you can match social media accounts to the students and parents on your mail list. Your mail recipients will see your ads on their social media pages before receiving your letter.

Convert Leads into students when digital and direct mail are combined

According to the USPS, combining digital and direct mail campaigns results in 68% more website visits, 60% increased ROI, a 53% increase in leads and a 40%+ conversion rate. Stay top of mind with parents, students and high school counselors by following website visitors around the web with your online and social media ads.

Tracking allows you to recruit more interested students

90% of students and their parents will visit your website before placing a call. With Fox Mail, you can re-market and send personalized mail to these prospects by tracking who visits your website, who sees and who clicks on your digital ads, and who calls the number on your mail piece.